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Black Magic w/ hook

Obrien Roto Series Black Magic Kneeboard Probably the best “family” kneeboard on the market, the Black Magic does it all. The famous cable-actuated retractable fin system and the aquatic hook make the Black Magic the perfect board for successfully teaching kids and newbie riders the finer points of deep-water kneeboard starts. The size of the Black Magic means adults and kids can ride it with ease. The smooth bottom contour makes it super stable and extremely comfortable. The 3-inch padded strap provides a secure fit. 2018 Obrien Kneeboard Sozo Silhouette Retractable fins Aquatic hook Padded, adjustable strap Durable plastic base

Enforcer Kneeboard

O’Brien Enforcer Kneeboard The Enforcer can take anything you can throw at it, and come back for more Built off our wildly successful Sozo, the Enforcer shares many of its qualities but has been configured as a no-compromise all-terrain beast. Featuring our signature Impact Base, Dura-rail sandwich construction, and snappy fusion core – the Enforcer can take anything you can throw at it and come back for more. The more parallel edge profile and squared off tip and tail are dialed in for pressing rails, hitting kickers, and overall incredible performance on the water. The snappy, flexible deck softens landings, helps initiate turns, and lets the tips flex – giving you maximum press ability on the rails.

ION Kneeboard

O’Brien Ion Kneeboard The Ion is very, fast yet supremely maneuverable, and landings are incredibly forgiving

Rush 5150 Kneeboard

O’Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard The versatile Rush 5150, will take your riding to new levels!


Obrien Pro Series SOZO Kneeboard The SoZo is ridden by nearly ALL the top kneeboarders in the world!

VooDoo w/Hook

Obrien Roto Series Voodoo Kneeboard The VooDoo combines hard- charging runs at the wake with a forgiving ride.
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